How do the Cashback Websites Work in the Year 2020?


How do cashback websites work to make money? There are many ways to earn cashback or money online but which one is the right one for you?

First, What Is a Cashback site?

Before I tell you about how do cashback websites work, let me first explain what a cashback site is. Cashback sites pay you real reward or cashback when you purchase items or financial products from online platforms. These services include phone service, domain registration, car insurance, cosmetics, haircare, and banking services. We will explain how to use cashback sites to highlight the latest deal and how to maximize your earnings.

Ways on how to use Cashback sites

In order to know how to use cashback sites, you must have the knowledge of how do cashback websites work. Most cashback sites work in the same way even though there might be differences in registering and fees, earnings, and cash payout. Here is a step by step guide in getting yourself registered:

Choose a cashback website

Sign up with one or more cashback sites. Most sites are free to join but some might charge an annual fee or one- time fee or if you choose a premium course. Argos and Tesco Direct are two such retailers you can sign up with. Top paying cashback sites are Topcashback, Quidco, and Kidstart. You can also visit Igloo– A Trusted Place For Cashback

Search for deals and sign up

If you want to purchase a product or service, check the website for your favorite retailers and merchandisers or financial firm that are offering deals.

Click the link provided

Once you find a deal that you want to cash in on, click the link that is provided by the cashback site rather than going directly to the retailer site, if you have previously visited this retailer’s website.

Complete the purchase

When you complete your purchase, your retailer sends your commission earnings to your cashback site. It then pays a percentage of this money into your bank or PayPal account. However, you may need to reach a certain threshold before you can withdraw the funds from your account.

How to make the most of cashback site

Get referrals or friends to sign up

Many cashback sites give you a bonus or percentage off your purchase if you refer a friend or send them referrals. You do this by sending an email, text, or message on their social media page or WhatsApp using the website referral’s page. This email or message will contain a link to the cashback site with your personalized referral code or link to confirm that it was you who made the recommendation. Typically, you won’t get the cashback until your referral or friends join and start earning cashback themselves, so always encourage them to shop.


Some cashback sites allow you to make free money. This is done by completing surveys, getting quotes from a price comparison site, and entering cash prize draws. The rewards are astonishingly rare but can be worth making use of if you have time to spare.

Earn cashback on High street

You can earn cashback on high street purchases such as Quidco’s Click Snapp app, it lists a wide range of offline cashback deals, which you can claim by purchasing the product and then upload a photo of the receipt. There is also the Topcashback on card scheme which allows you to earn cashback offline. Once you register your debit or credit card with the scheme a host of other available deals will appear on the cashback website. All you need to do is activate the deal you want and then register the card to buy the product and the cashback will automatically appear in your account. Topcashback is free to use and pays out up to 15% of the cashback it receives from the merchant. That might sound strange, but it’s able to do this as it passes on a little of the bonuses it gets for generating lots of sales.

Other ways to earn cashback

Making purchases every day is not the only way you earn cashback rewards. The real downfall is when you are signing up for service for a period of months or years. You could earn hundreds of dollars by signing up for a new broadband, phone contract, or insurance via a cashback site. Please check whether these retailers are registered on a cashback site before locking yourself into a contract. There are often great deals available through vacation packages for hotels, flights, car hire, travel insurance, and airport car parking.

Cashback earnings withdraw a gift card

Top cashback site allows you to withdraw your earnings from cashback through either a bank transfer or PayPal account. However, you can withdraw your funds as a gift card with a specific retailer and earn top-up on your cashback. When withdrawing funds from your services such as Quidco or Topcashback, you will be shown a large list of retailers offering gift cards and you can earn a top-up of up to 15% by way of cashback site.

Cashback credit cards

You can use your cashback credit cards to earn an extra bonus for purchases made online for goods and services which pays you back a percentage of what you spend. The Which? Money Compare Credit card tables let you search hundreds of cards from providers large and small to great deal base on benefit, cost as well as the quality of service. Make sure to pay off your balance in full at the end of the month to avoid being charged interest.

Cashback site pitfalls

Cashback site fees

It’s free to register your basic account with most Cashback, although to get more benefits as a member you will be asked to upgrade your account and pay a small fee.

Cashback doesn’t always have the best deals

These sites do not always offer the best deals, it can throw you off the scent of cheaper deals elsewhere.

Late or failed payments

Cashback can sometimes take a time to reach your account, this maybe because the transaction failed to track altogether due to lack of cookie trail of affiliate links that transmit the payments between retailers and cashback site. If you fail to receive money owed to you quickly send a message to the site via its official cashback claim link.

Cookie Trails

Understanding the cashback site and how do cashback websites work is very important. It is a journey you need to take.

What are cookie Trails and their importance?

Cookies are text files, about 4 KB in size, that hold name-pair values that are used to maintain state, which is the “application’s ability to work interactively with a web user.” Without it, user adoption for the Internet might not have happened. Understanding the cookie trail is the most important thing when signing on to a cashback site online. Cookies contain useful information about your browsing history. To receive your cashback, you must clear all information from your cookies because this shows the link between the cashback site and retailer site. If you do not clear your cookie trail this could leave you without any cashback. However, clearing your cookie trail can result in loss of useful information even though some browsers allow you to store them.


In my opinion, it seems self- investing is a better choice, that way you can always access the money when you need it. With the cashback, it might take some time for you to receive your rewards or might not receive any at all.