How Do Cashback Sites Work?

Have you ever heard about cashback sites? These are the websites that give you bonuses for shopping online.

The operation principle is simple. When you shop online, the company that leads you to the site usually gets a financial reward. Cashback sites share that reward with you. In other words, cashback sites work as mediators. Instead of going directly to an online store, you go through a link from a cashback website. The retailer still sells you an item, but they will send the cashback site some profits, and the cashback site forwards a percentage of that money back to you.

How to use cashback sites?

Before going directly to a retail store to buy an item, first check if they partner with any cashback website. If they do, use their link to land on the company website, then shop as usual.

For example, Tanndu browser Extension shows you which stores partner with Tanndu while you are shopping online. So you always will know if you can save money and get cashback.

It looks like this:

cashback site

Be careful with the Cookies!

If you first directly go to a website and find something you like, then use a cashback link and buy, you may not be entitled to the reward. That’s because the trail will show that you were already there looking around. To get around this, make absolutely sure you clear your cookie history in your browser, then click the cashback link. That way it will appear that the cashback link is the start of your journey.

So the key tip is to make sure that the cashback site is a part of your user journey. When you click around online you leave a “cookie trail” in your browser history, so retailers will know where you came from. This trail is essential for proving that you are entitled to a reward. Clearing your cookie history takes only a few clicks.

Which cashback site is the best one?

There are many cashback sites to choose from. We recommend to trust well-established and good customer service websites. You can read more about cashback sites comparison in this article.

When you create an account with a cashback site be sure to read the fine print and look out for hidden fees. Some are paid services in return for greater rewards. Pick free of charge service, for example, Tanndu has 0% fee and commission. Tanndu has a wide range of stores with high  cashback rates. You may be surprised. You can even get cashback from trip services, for example, rent a car with cashback site .  Buy cybersecurity for your laptop or even food for your pet.

To sum up

You are unlikely to become rich or earn a huge income with cashback, but you definitely can earn a passive income from it!  Cashback sites are worth it if you use them often, especially for bigger purchases. And don’t forget to be mindful of your cookie trail. You may not be able to claim the rewards if the cookie trail works against you.