Igloo – Turn online shopping into saving for a good cause

Saving for a good cause is a goal to aim. Websites like Igloo provide social cashback websites that pay the buyers cashback on a wide range of items, from grocery to clothing and shoes to mobile phones. You can then donate this cashback to some organization that you like.

Igloo is the best place for those who want to buy more but with saving goals in their minds. Let’s dig into it that how it offers lucrative deals and help you get more cashback rewards.

What is Igloo?

Igloo offers a variety of discount deals that give you a comfortable shopping experience and maximize your cashback amount, just as an igloo that provides shelter in a hostile environment.

How to use Igloo?

Igloo is a clear winner among other cashback sites as it offers plenty of discount deals and easy to use. You can also use Igloo like a search engine or install an Igloo browser extension.

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Join Igloo – The Best Cashback Website

In order to join an igloo, register with the site, and it is 100% free. It doesn’t charge any annual fee, so you can take advantage of all the deals without paying a single penny all the year.

Search for deals

Now check your favorite online store and its deals to buy your favorite product.

Click the link provided

Once you find your desired deal you want to cash in on, click on the link to visit the retailer’s website by the Igloo instead of going direct.

If you have visited the same website before logging into Igloo, delete all the cookies before clicking through the site. This way, this site is recognized as the referral source.

Complete the purchase

After completing the purchase, the retailer website sends the commission to the cashback site. Igloo pays some percentage of this money to your PayPal or bank account. In order to withdraw funds, you may reach to certain cashback threshold. If you want to donate your savings, you can transfer them to some of the charities that Igloo partners with.

How much can you earn?

It depends on how much you shop and how much retailer websites pay to the cashback group or website. It can be varied from retailer to retailer.

You can avail of the promotional offers to get some extra cashback. Keep an eye on the bonuses and especially the promotions; there are endless opportunities where you can earn rewards in your day to day purchases.

Why you should be using Igloo

Rewards programs are not new, but new technology has changed the face of reward programs. Shoppers are always looking for promotional deals, and Igloo has gone ahead and changed the way to secure these promo deals and discount offers.

Cashback makes saving money fun and gives a great shopping experience to the buyers. The consumers can reap the benefits by making it an interactive game with rewards, bonus points, and more.

To sum up:

Whether you are hoping to reduce expenses, save for a special goal or get rewarded cashback money, you are going to be spending, and cashback sites like Igloo have plenty of features that will make saving fun.

However, it is said that “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but Igloo can help the consumers get that free lunch, cashback reward or bonus points, after all.

Ready to make some cashback for a good cause?

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