Smart Ways to Fundraise Money Online at Tanndu Portal

Tanndu is a platform that lets you fundraise money online as a cashback from searching the web, watching ads, and shopping online.

Online shoppers have started to avail of the benefits of cashback sites to make their shopping experience fun and rewarding. It is normal for these sites to have a threshold amount that falls within the range of $5 to $40 in cash rewards earned before you withdraw the funds or transfer them to some fund or nonprofit. Some sites even have a 90-day waiting period to track and verify the sale. You won’t face it at Tanndu, once the purchase is completed, the cash reward is credited into your account, right away.


What is Tanndu

Tanndu is a good fundraising idea for nonprofit organizations. Like an Tanndu homet keeps the person warm in the shivering cold, Tanndu keeps a shopper warm with exciting deals to gain extra money as a cashback. Once you start earning rewards, there’s no going back. Tanndu launched in 2020 by a group of serial entrepreneurs with a proven record of establishing startups from Zero$ to Millions$ annual sales.

Ready to leverage Tanndu, the home for cashback? Here are some smart ways to make the most out of each purchase from Tanndu:


Consider Cashback as a Bonus

Tanndu is a trusted place for cashback. Unlike other cashback groups that are solely interested in enticing customers to make a purchase, Tanndu cares for its customers. Cashback offers is a bonus on your purchases. Don’t expect huge rewards from a single purchase.  When a shopper has its expectation straight, he or she is likely to have a great experience.


Claim the Cashback Immediately

Tanndu never recommends it’s subscribers to keep the cashback in their user’s account once the threshold of $5 is met. You can withdraw the funds, redeem the offer, or convert the reward into a gift card as soon as you can. Sometimes offers have an expiration date. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to claim the reward before you missed the deadline.


Focus On the Deal, Not On the Biggest Cashback

When you join an Tanndu, you certainly get amazing rewards but never run out of the biggest cashback.

Large cashback is not associated with expensive items. Therefore, keep the focus on getting the best deal on the product you are interested in buying. Don’t shop because you are interested in getting cashback only. This will save you from spending money without thinking. You can always return to Tanndu and make more purchases!


Clean the Cookies in Your Browser

Most cashback sites recommend their subscribers to clean their cookies before clicking on the affiliate link. This is particularly important if you have visited the retailer’s website separately to view the product you are interested in buying. This could keep you from availing cashback. It’s best to delete the cookies to have a smooth experience.


To Sum Up:

Cashback rewards are real and you could be saving a lot of money for your community or charity that you always wanted to donate to. To reap the benefits of rewards brought to you by technology, sign up with Tanndu, your home for the most rewarding cashback offers, and get the best value for money.

Tanndu keeps everything transparent for its subscribers to make sure they enjoy the experience and get the most rewards.

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