Maximizing Cashback Rewards For Those Who Saving For a Good Cause

In our blog’s last article, we suggested how to increase your cashback profit with our Tanndu cash portal (read here). However, there are also some ways of maximizing cashback rewards. Probably the most popular is using a credit card’s cashback.

Nowadays credit cards offer a lot of beneficial offers to their users, beginning from one-time bonuses to rewards systems. Cashback is one of such credit card benefits, that you get in a small amount every time you buy with your credit card.

Firstly, what is a credit cashback card?

Cashback cards give you a cash rebate, its amount depends on the sum of money you already spend via that card. Every time you use a credit card while paying, you get some percentage of your spending back as a cashback. For instance, if your credit card gives 1.5% of cashback and you spend 100$ at Amazon, you’ll earn 1.5$. Such kind of cashback can be paid every month or every year depending on the terms in each case.

Cashback has more advantages than discounts and promo codes as you decide by yourself where to spend it. Sometimes you get a promo code to some shop that you‘ll never visit and it stays unused.

Nevertheless, speaking about cashback the bigger the better, so here are some tips to maximize it:

Chose the highest cashback rewards card

The first and the easiest tip – choose a card with a high cashback rate. You can see one of the cash back credit cards comparisons here. For example, PayPal Cash back Mastercard gives 2% for each purchase, and Discover it Cash Back gives 1 % on every purchase and 5% at their special program. You should also check for sign up bonuses. Usually, the cashback rates are high during the first month of usage or another period. However, you should always check the terms and the conditions of each credit card, as they may significantly differ.

Combine cards with different cash back offers

Use different cash back cards for different shopping categories. Some cards pay good cash back on groceries and others on restaurants. Therefore, it is better to combine them depending on what are you buying. It is also important to choose a card, that gives the highest cashback on categories, that you buy more frequently. For example, if you are not a car driver then there is no need for you in a card with high cash back rates on gas. Also, if you are a traveler, probably you should check the cards that partner with services like Agoda.

Buy at cashback websites

Use your credit card’s company shopping portal to make purchases. Make it your habit not to go directly to the online shop’s website, but to a cashback website. There are plenty of such sites, like the Tanndu cash portal where you can find great offers in many online stores. Among such kind of cash portals, you probably can find shopping portals connected with your bank or card’s company. A good example of one is the Citi Bonus Cash Center that works with Citi cash back cards. As was said in previous articles (read here), cash back websites are very convenient and easy to use. You just need to register and chose the online shop you want at the cash portal. Using your cash back card to pay the purchase, you will have your cash back and probably a bonus from your credit card company.

Do not forget about other options to get your cash back

You can also use your cashback card to pay at sites like Rakuten, Tanndu, Topcashback, etc. Many of these websites offer great deals and collaborate with well-known shops like Nike, Samsung, MAC Cosmetics, and many others. In that case, you will combine cashback from these sites and cashback from your card, and get the maximum bonus.

Use your cashback card everywhere

Make sure that your cashback card is a default selection for online shops and marketplaces. If you set up your card by default at eBay or Aliexprees, you will automatically pay by it for everything you buy. You can also subscribe to the goods that you buy monthly, toilet paper, for example. All your everyday purchases will go through your cashback card. Oppositely use cash back cards while making huge purchases. Paying for expensive technics can give you a lot of cashback rewards, if its monthly amount is not limited by a certain amount.

To sum up

If you want to maximize your cashback rewards, you should keep in mind these tips. With some time passing, you can turn these tips into money-saving habits.

Last but not the least important note: do not forget to pay credit card bills in time. Remember the date you should pay off so as not to give interest to the bank. Otherwise, there will be no profit even with the highest cashback rates and offers.

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