Best Browser Extensions to Save Money While Shopping Online. Part One

If you are looking for an option to collect some money to make a donation, you probably should try not to cut off your spending, but instead, gain the maximum profit of it!

Some people use special websites to compare prices or search coupon codes, that can provide either discounts or some bonuses. Tips like this can save your money, but they take extra time. Sometimes even more time than it’s really worth to save some dollars.

In these times we tend to shop online more than ever before. As we spend online more and more, we also become more interested in finding ways how to save online.

Luckily, there are some easier ways to save while you are shopping online. All you have to do is install a browser extension, a plug-in that extends the possibilities of your browser.

Here are several money-saving browser extensions that can help you to compare prices at shops, find and use coupon codes, and great cash-back offers.

Top 5 best browser extensions for online shopping.

1. Honey is great plug-in that saves money in many different ways.

Honey seeks for promo codes and coupons for lots of well-known and popular online retailers. This extension compares all the available options and chooses the one that gives you the biggest discount. They also have Amazon Price Comparison option. While shopping at Amazon, Honey tells you which of the many sellers in this marketplace offers the best final price on the searched product. If you are willing to know how much you could save if you wait a little longer for shipping- honey will also let you know about it. Speaking about sign-up bonuses, Honey gives you a discount of 5$ to 20$ for a welcome bonus, which you can later use in one of their partners. You can also earn some bonuses for giving referral links to your mates. Once they use your link to sign up in Honey Gold, you get several number of Gold points, which are an equivalent of 5$.

2. Tanndu works not only as a cashback website, but also has its own browser extension at Chrome.

Once you install Tanndu chrome extension and start searching with it, this extension will allow you to get additional revenues if you are exposed to ads or if you change your default search engine to bing or Yahoo. You can gain cashback in your private Tanndu account, or you also can have a group Tanndu account to have even more profit with your friends or group with the same cause.

Head straight to the site you want to shop, and the browser extension will remind you of the possibility to get Cashback on your purchase. Buy in your favorite shops such as AliExpress, Banggood, GearBest, ASOS, and others. When you visit the webshop, Tanndu will remind you to activate the cashback so that you and your group will not miss it. When you visit Amazon or eBay and some other websites that do not have a cashback options we still allow you to buy via Tanndu – we then donate the cashback-profits to non-profit organizations.

Share the referral link to Tanndu cashback service with your friends and get them to join your Tanndu. When they join and get cashback it will be saved on your group Tanndu account. If you want to read more about Tanndu, read this article.

3. Rakuten website has its own browser extension known as the Cash Back Button.

Similar to Honey and Tanndu, it gives you access to cash back and coupon opportunities at thousands of stores. When you are searching through a certain site, and there’s cashback option available, it shows you an alert. If you are currently on a website that doesn’t have a cash-back offer, the extension will let you know where you can find the same product with a cashback or at a lower price. The percentage of cashback you get differs from store to store and changes during time. The sum of money you earn transfers to your personal Rakuten account, you can cash quarterly by a check or PayPal credit.

You can also have a 10$ bonus as a welcome gift.

4. Wikibuy plug-in works as an online shopping assistant.

It uses real-time data from its thousands of users to find the best offers for you. More and more people using Wikibuy, it is better and better every time at finding the lowest prices.

Wikibuy is a combination of features that can be found in the other browser extensions. For example, it notices when you’re searching for an item on a retail site and automatically looks for better prices at other websites. Wikibuy shows all the prices it finds, it also shows you the reviews for the product from different sites and publications.

Hence, when you decide to purchase a product, Wikibuy turns on coupon-checking mode. It checks a variety of coupon codes to see which ones have worked for other users of Wikibuy and automatically applies the with the biggest discount offer. Furthermore, if you decide not to make a buying, Wikibuy will still continue to track prices for the good and alerts you when it will be on sale.

5. CouponCabin browser extension also has coupons and cash-back offers.

Every time you visit a store that partners with CouponCabin, their plug-in CouponCabin Sidekick window pops up, suggesting to you how much cashback you possibly can earn and how many coupons are available there. One of the greatest benefits of CouponCabin Sidekick is that shows you the available offers not only when you shop, but also when you are searching on a search engine.

To sum up

This was the first part of the article about browser extensions to install if you want to save your money for a good causewhile shopping online. Wait for the second part of the article.

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