What Is The Idea Of Group Buying?

Group buying isn’t a new concept but it is presented in a new form so everyone understands the idea. When you buy a product in a bulk quantity like buying 100 t-shirts of the same color and size, you expect more discount from the seller. Here you can call it profit sharing.

Let’s understand the concept with examples

You buy 100 t-shirts from a retail store. In other words, the retailer makes a good profit by selling 100 tees to a single buyer. The happy retailer could further give a discount. It is like sharing the profit made by selling 100 pieces of garments. But the idea is to find buyers that make bulk sales or to encourage buyers to buy products in bulk.

Now apply the idea to social media where brands and manufacturers join a platform and give special discounts. Here even a single buyer can get a lucrative discount offer. It is so because the platform works as a group for buyers. Here you can find likeminded shoppers and check what they are shopping for. You can take example of Pinduoduo Group Buying in Shopify.

How to apply the idea in modern day digital marketing?

The idea is for digital marketing that has become the latest trend. Or it will be better to say that the idea of forming groups of buyers came from the popularity of digital marketing. It is easier to make a platform where buyers from different areas can come together for shopping. Also, the brands and manufacturers can be added directly without including retailers to save cost.

Group Buying is beneficial for everyone including the sellers. While the buyers get discount, the sellers make sales in bulk. They can sell more than they could on other platforms. If you are shopping for a product, you should first check it on a social platform so you get a lucrative discount.

How to join a shopping platform?

It is easy as you only need to create your account to start shopping. And creating an account shouldn’t take you much time. Once the account is set, you can go ahead to buy products of your choice. Also, you can donate some of your savings for a cause. Similarly, you can raise funds for a cause.

Pinduoduo group buying in shopify has multiple benefits for buyers, sellers, and the community. If you feel moved by a cause and you want to support that cause, you can do so while shopping. Even a small amount would turn into a big sum for needy.