Comparison of the Best Cashback Sites to Support your Cause

Cashback Sites for Online Shopping

Who does not like shopping? In nowadays online reality the way we shop has significantly transformed. Online marketplaces like EBay, Amazon, Aliexpress became as popular as shopping malls. If not more popular, in fact. 

It is well-known that while shopping online it is much easier to spend a larger amount of money. As online you can’t really feel the volume of the things, you have already put in your virtual shopping cart. However, there are still a lot of good points in favor of online shopping. Cashback is definitely one of them.

Cashback is a great opportunity to return at least some of your online-spent money back. It is totally free and full of benefits. Cashback websites and cashback portals propose various offerings. Nevertheless, the operating principle is all the same, cashback sites may differ by use conditions, rates of cashback, ways of gaining money, etc.

Speaking about supporting your cause, cashback can be a great option for those who need extra money. You can join the people from your community to start getting more cashback together from various websites, that is how you can save a good sum of money together. Afterward, share it for any fund or organization, for example, to the group of people cleaning the ocean.

Therefore, here is a quick comparison of cashback sites, that can help you to support your cause in the year 2021.

Cashback sites comparison:

1) Tanndu


Tanndu is a cashback services portal that has a lot of opportunities to get cashback. Tanndu site also works as a search engine. It finds and compares the best offers with cashback, so you are never going to miss the one with the highest cashback rate.

You can get the most cashback for shopping online with Tanndu. Get your cashback to your private Tanndu account, or even better, to your group Tanndu account. Having you and your friends or people with the same cause getting more cash to your group. You can choose what to do with your money.

Tanndu helps to gain a cashback not only from luxurious purchases but also from your everyday favorite stores. As soon as you have at least 5$ on the account, you can cash this money out.

Pros: good choice of ways to get cashback, good customer service, simplicity of use.

Cons: The registration is a bit long, but on the other hand, it’s better to have a long and safe registration when it is about your own money.

2) Rakuten


Probably the best-known cashback website is Rakuten, which a lot of people know by its former name Ebates. Ebates changed its brand name to Rakuten when it was acquired by them, but the service stayed the same. Good for special cashback offers and bonuses allows to have cashback from offline purchases, you just need to link your credit card to it. It is also possible to withdraw your cashback money via PayPal when there will be at least 5$ in your account.

Pros: good choice of stores, ability to get cashback from offline purchases, referral programs.

Cons: quarterly cashouts.

3) Topcashback


Topcashback is famous for giving their customers full commission earned on their purchases

Hence, one can gain a lot of cashback using this website. It is possible to gain up to 100% of the commission from your buying. However, there is a rather limited selection of offers for a high cashback percentage. 

Pros: no minimal sum for cash out, ability to have up to 100% of commission from the purchase.

Cons: a small variety of offers for very high cashback rates.

4) Swagbucks 


Initially, Swagbucks is not a cashback website, but a special platform for gaining points for different tasks. Nevertheless, you can earn rewards points (Swagbucks) at their shopping portal or install their browser extension and have a cash back every time you shop online. You‘ll need at least 300 Swagbucks (which can be also given you as a sign-up bonus) to transform it into a gift card or 2500 Swagbucks to have 25$ cashback.

Pros: a lot of different ways to get cashback.

Cons: it was not created as a cashback site, cashback for shopping is only one of its functions, plus, they are not really giving back their Swagbucks so easily. For example, they say that they will give Swagbucks if you change your search engine – but when you do, you don’t get your Swagbucks plus the search engine is not even working.

5) BeFrugal


BeFrugal has one of the highest cashback rates. The cash-out amount should be at least 25$ or 5$ if you use it for a gift card.

It cooperates with more than 5,000 retailers, so the choice of online shops is great. It also provides coupons and coupon codes for restaurants, stores, etc.

Pros: good cashback rates, many store-partners.

Cons: you have to wait until there are 25$ on your account to cash out the money plus it takes time to access your cashback, you can make a purchase and get your cashback only after some days. 

6) Ibotta


Ibotta is helpful not only for online purchases but also for offline. You can scan your receipt and get cashback from your recent buying. You are able to have you cash out when there are at least 20$ in your account.  

However, if you want to have your cashback, you have to earn points doing some small tasks, for example, watching videos. This is not always comfortable but helps to increase your cashback points if you have time for it.

Pros: good for in-store cashback.

Cons: lower cashback percentage comparing with other services, need to wait for 20$ on your account to cash out.

Accordingly, most of these cashback websites have referral links, signup bonuses, gift cards,  mobile apps, and browser extensions, which make the process of saving money very comfortable. It is a good way to manage your personal finance. 

To sum up

Hence, on the assumption of this cashback site comparison, you can see that there are a lot of sites where you can get cash back from your online shopping. You can choose the most convenient one, for example, a service like Tanndu, that works as a search engine and lets you gain money just by browsing the web. Also, do not forget to take into consideration such good pros of Tanndu as the ability to quickly get help from customer support, which is very important in case we are talking about your money.

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