5 Tactics to Maximize your Cashback For Those Who Fundraise

Being a platform for community management, Igloo also provides an option to get cashback from your online purchases.

That can be extremely helpful in gaining some money to donate to nonprofits.

A lot of people know about cashback sites and ability to get an extra money while actually spending them online. (If you don’t, check this article.) However, if you do not buy in a large amounts, the volume of cashback bonuses is relatively small. Furthermore, once you gained your minimal sum for cash out, let us say 5$, it is very easy to spend it immediately, so you even do not notice you had any cashback savings.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to gain more cashback with Igloo cash portal service.

Tactics to increase your cashback bonuses:

Tip № 1: To maximize your cashback, you can create a united account at Igloo with your friends or colleagues or with larger groups of people. That’s how you get more cashback bonuses as the number of people increases. The more people share one account, the more cashback you get.

Tip № 2: You can get cashback not only from shopping, but also from searching the web with Igloo search engine. Every time you browse with Igloo, look through pages, watch video, etc., you gain your cashback points. So, the total sum of your cashback money doubles.

Tip № 3: As tip 2 tells, Igloo site also works as a search engine. It finds the best offers with cashback at stores and compares the rates, so you are never going to miss the highest one. Igloo helps to get a cashback not only from luxurious purchases, but also from an everyday shopping like food, furniture, instruments and many more. You can make your usual purchases at Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. Imagine how much money you can get from these marketplaces.

Tip № 4: Use referral links and ask your friends to join Igloo. Igloo pays 15$ for every user, that joined by your referral link. Once someone joins Igloo and spends at least 15 $ when shopping , they’ll get 10$ as a welcome bonus. After that you will get 15$ for referral. Create your own cashback network.

Tip № 5: Knowing that you are saving for the right goal really helps to achieve it and not to spend your minimal cash outs at once. Igloo cooperates with charity organizations, so you can save up your money for donating to children or cleaning the ocean. It is easier to save, when you know, that this money are not for you. If you always wanted to participate in charity, but did not have extra money to donate, this can be a great opportunity for you. You can chose your own organization to donate to, for example, look for suitable one here.

To Sum Up

Here are 5 simple, but effective tactics to maximize your cashback bonuses. If you try even few of them, you‘ll see, that they are really worth using at Igloo service. We recommend applying them, as we care about our partners and want them to fully enjoy our service.

Save more and stay with us!

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