How to Use Tanndu at to Save More Money?

Tanndu is not just a house in the snow, Tanndu is the house for all the best online deals and cashback deals. You can get the biggest cashback for shopping online with Tanndu. Get your cashback to your private Tanndu account, or even better, to your group Tanndu account. Having you and your friends or people with the same cause getting more cash to your group. You can choose what to do with your money.

Tanndu group accounts are called Tanndu. To create your own Tanndu, you must add the name of your Tanndu (project), description, and, if you are eager to, also add a picture. Then you should ask your friends to join this Tanndu to start to collect cashback.  You can also share a link to your Tanndu via Facebook, Twitter, and many more to let people know about it. Share the referral link to the Tanndu cashback service with your friends and get them to join your Tanndu. When they join and get cashback it will be saved on your group Tanndu account.

If you don’t want to create your own Tanndu, there are plenty of groups to join. Our website has such group accounts as UNICEF, American Red Cross, Oceana, etc. If you want to donate to one of them, just join the existing group accounts.

After that go straight to the site you want to shop at the Tanndu website in the “stores” section. You can also just browse for it with the Tanndu browser extension, make sure that you are successfully logged in to your Tanndu account.  The browser extension will remind you of the possibility to get cashback on your purchase in the online shop and you will see a disclaimer like this one:



For example, when you visit Nike or Forever21  and some other websites that do not have a cashback option then Tanndu allows you to buy via Tanndu service – and then the money goes to your personal Tanndu or Tanndu that you joined. You can see cashback offers while you are searching the web and compare cashback rates right on the search results pages of Google.

Tanndu app is also available in Google Play Store and soon will be available at AppStore.