How To Get Cashback on Aliexpress?

What is cashback?

The word cashback simply means “getting your cash back”. The cashback system lets the money you spend back. The first ones who used cashback were the banks. They did it to stimulate customers to use credit cards when buying something in the shops. In other words, this is a fixed discount on all payment transactions.

Now the cashback system is used worldwide and not only by banks, but by special cashback websites that help you make your online shopping cheaper and greater. The cashback works that way: you click and follow a special affiliate link and shop for the desired products. After you get these products delivered, part of the cost is returned to you on your account at a cashback site. Then you can withdraw your money, getting an additional bonus. To learn more about how do the cashback sites work, read this article.

Many customers at Aliexpress start to wonder how to get cashback on AliExpress and get the money for their purchase back. These are the people who want to get additional profit and cashback for their purchases.

What you need to do to get cashback

To start getting cashback on AliExpress is very easy. You need to choose a reliable casback company and sign up on the site. Speaking of Tanndu, you can use not only the website but also the Tanndu browser extension.

It is important that cashback doesn’t affect other discounts on Aliexpress. You can buy the goods from any seller and any shop using the promo codes and coupons.

The percentage of cashback in different, casback sites may vary, for example, Tanndu gives up to 8% on purchases at Aliexpress.  You can compare the services and chose the most reliable and profitable program. The funds for the purchases will be enrolled in your account quickly.

cashback on aliexpress

So in short words that is what happens when you register at a cashback portal: every time when you make a purchase on AliExpress, the Cashback system gives back the part of the cost and saves your money!

Cashback companies always give technical and informational support to their users. Tanndu is always ready to provide assistance to any user and answer all his questions concerning installing the plugin and using it as well as the methods of the withdrawal of funds.