Cashback for Shopping Online

Cashback websites pay you a cash reward when you click through from them to buy goods or services.  Websites like Tanndu offer cashback on a variety of goods and services. In this article we will explain how to get cashback for shopping online.

How to use cashback sites for online shopping

The majority of cashback sites work in the same way although there are varieties in fees, amount of  bonuses and how the cashback is paid. Here’s a quick guide to getting yourself set up:

  • Choose a cashback website

Register with one or more cashback sites. Most sites are free to join like Tanndu, but some charge an annual fee either as a matter of course or if you choose a premium account.

  • Search for deals

If you want to purchase a particular product or service, search the website to see if your favourite retailers or preferred financial services firms are offering deals.

  •  Click the link provided

Once you find a deal, visit the retailer by clicking on the link provided by the cashback site rather than going direct. If you’ve previously visited this retailer’s website, delete your internet cookies before clicking through, so the cashback site is recognised as the referral source.

  • Complete the purchase

When you complete your purchase, the retailer sends commission to your cashback site. In turn, it pays a slice of this money into your bank or Paypal account. You may need to reach a certain cashback threshold before you can withdraw funds.

How to make the most of cashback sites

Ask your friends to sign up

Many cashback sites give you a bonus if you refer them to a friend.  You can do this by sending an email using the website’s dedicated referrals page. The email will contain a link to the cashback site with a personalised referral code to confirm it was you who gave the recommendation. Typically, you won’t get the bonus until your friends earn a certain amount of cashback themselves, so encourage them to shop after they’ve joined.

Make use of freebies

Tanndu includes offers which allow you to make money for free.  You can earn free cashback by watching ads or searching the web. The rewards would unlikely to be astonishing, but can be worth making use of if you have a few minutes.

Cashback sites risks

While cashback sites are a great way to earn extra money on purchases, there are a number of risks to be aware of.

Cookiee trails

The most important thing to understand about cashback sites is the online journey you need to take to claim the money. This is tracked by small files called ‘cookies’ that contain useful information about your browsing history.  To be paid your cashback, there must be a clear ‘cookie trail’ which shows it was the cashback website that led you to the retailer’s website.

If you’ve already browsed an online retailer’s website and then decide to take advantage of a cashback promotion for this site, you’ll first need to delete your cookies. This will wipe your earlier records of being on that site – and set up a new cookie trail between the cashback site and online retailer.  If you don’t do this, the absence of a clear cookie trail could leave you without any cashback. Once you’ve made your first purchase at an online retailer through the cashback site, it’s usually no problem to keep earning cashback on future purchases.

Clearing your cookies could result in the loss of some useful information, such as pre-filled passwords on other websites that you may use, though most browsers give you the option to keep these stored. If you want to know more about how cashback sites work, read this article.

Cashback site fees

It’s free to register an account with Tanndu, although  membership on some other cashback sites costs some money.At Tanndu you just need to earn a sertain amount of cashback before you can transfer funds into your bank account.

Cashback payments

Cashback can sometimes take many weeks to reach your account. In some cases, the transaction may fail to track altogether.  This is commonly due to a lack of a cookie trail, but could also be down to issues with the affiliate links that transmit the payments between retailers and cashback sites.  If you fail to receive money owed to you, write to the customr support as quickly as possible.

To sum up:

Now you know how to get cashback for shopping online and how to use cashback websites. Wait for other articles about cashback on our blog!